Shaily Priya Pandey talks about her new show Star Bharat’s Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi – Kahani Mata Rani Ki

My self-belief and staying motivated are my success mantras: Shaily Priya Pandey

Talented and smart Shaily Priya Pandey, who wowed the audience and earned critical appreciation for her negative portrayal in Zee TV show Aap Ke Aaa Jaane Se, is currently entertaining masses in Star Bharat’s Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi – Kahani Mata Rani Ki.

Commenting on her working experience, she says, “It is great. I got this opportunity just after the lockdown and I am very grateful for it. I was shortlisted for a comedy show as a lead but due to the COVID situation, it went on hold. After the lockdown, I got a call from Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, they informed me about the new development in their show Vaishno Devi and offered me the role of Bharti. I immediately picked it up and I am very thankful for it. The whole team is so nice and jovial that I feel really excited to go on the shoot every day. It has come to me like a blessing in disguise.”

Shaily loves to experiment with her roles and feels her character Bharti is challenging. She adds, “Well in my previous shows I have played very bold and outspoken characters but Bharti is very soft-spoken and is innocent like a child. She is fragile at times and sometimes very strong-headed. She can be seen making huge sacrifices for her loved ones and much more. Bringing all these layers in one character was a bit challenging for me.”

When asked about her belief in God, she shares, “Yes I do believe in God. I am a very god fearing person.”

What are the lessons that she has learnt from the industry so far? “Nothing is permanent here. It’s only your belief in yourself that stays. You need to be very strong-headed to accept the high and lows both. How sportily you accept your lows and emerge out to shine again defines your success here. In short- staying motivated and self- belief is the mantra. I also have no regrets in life. Everything I have done is exactly what I wanted to do at that point of time.”

On a final note, she ends, “I am very grateful to my audiences. It feels happy to read their lovely messages. I am constantly working on myself to make them proud of me, not only as a performer but as a person too. I am very thankful to them for loving me.”

Good luck Shaily!