Shresth Kumar and Vindhya Tiwari will be seen in &TV’s Laal Ishq, with the addition of Shaika Films to churn new tales.

Vishal Watwani joins hands with Shaika Films for Laal Ishq; Shresth Kumar and Vindhya Tiwari roped in

Producer Pradeep Kumar and his wife Shaika Parveen’s newly formed banner Shaika Films has got its first major project on TV with &TV’s Laal Ishq.

Yes, you heard it right!!

Shaika Films has been producing content (short films) for the web space which has been streaming on YouTube.

As for Laal Ishq, Shaika Films will be a new addition into the list of producers churning love tales with a supernatural twist.

Now, the production house takes the next step forward. As we know, Pradeep Kumar has earlier produced Meri Durga for Star Plus.

We hear that Shaika Films has brought in ace Writer Vishal Watwani on board to churn interesting and intriguing tales for Laal Ishq. Watwani will be the Creative Producer on the show.

And for the first story to go on air on Laal Ishq, Shaika Films has brought in the popular actors Shresth Kumar (Udaan) and Vindhya Tiwari (Half Marriage).

When contacted, Producer Pradeep Kumar did not respond to our call and message.

We reached out to Vindhya and Shresth but did not get through to them.

We also buzzed the channel spokesperson but did not get through for a comment.

We also hear that Vindhya will have a dual role to play in the episodic tale.

Watch this space for more updates.

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