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Casting Head Abhishek Gupta in conversation with

Actors don’t throw tantrums: Casting Head Abhishek Gupta

We have seen many coming to Mumbai with a set goal in mind!! But for the 20 years old Abhishek Gupta from Madhya Pradesh, he came to Mumbai with the idea of looking for a livelihood in the city.

From then on he started his journey from nowhere to getting a firm footing in the city of dreams. Abhishek aspired to become a Catsing Director in the TV industry. Today, he holds the position of Casting Head and has under his sleeve, a good experience at a very young age.

In conversation with Indianwikimedia, Abhishek lets out facts about his life, and journey in Mumbai.

Tell us more about your journey in the industry?

I come from a small town from Madhya Pradesh. I joined various production houses and started my career from the scratch. I was freelancing and working as an assistant and have done a lot many shows like Savitri (Flying Turtles), Laut Aao Trisha (24 Frames), Ishq Kills (Rowdy Rascals), Emotional Attayachar, Singhasan Battisi (Creative Eye), Service Wali Bahu (Village Boy Productions) and Akbar Birbal (Triangle Films). I am really glad to be working with Kothare Vision Production now.

What are the challenges that you faced in your career span?

I have worked really hard to be at the position where I am today. There were challenges but I took them as an adventure. It was a smooth journey.

As a casting head, how do you want to benefit in the industry?

I have learnt from the scratch about how the industry functions. I have gained immense knowledge in my field. Starting my career at the age of 17 and coming to Mumbai with a dream was not easy, but at 21 I have settled with a job that is my passion. Industry has been very kind to me. I am really thankful to it.

Who has stood by you in your career? Any names that you can count?

Red Dot Production producer Saurabh Khurana has helped me a lot. He has supported me at each step of my life. Each and every member I have met has helped me to grow in the industry. Kothare Vision Production has also played a major part in my success. They have become like a family.

Do you believe in launching new faces?

I do believe that new faces should be given a platform. They are the young talent of India. If you give them proper guidance they give their 100 percent. They are the fresh blood of the industry.

Have you ever faced any kind of tantrums?

I don’t think actors throw tantrums. If you are good with actors, they will be good with you. If you behave rude to them, they too will give the same reaction. One should treat an actor like a family member and you will never face any tantrum.

Which show has the best cast?

I can’t pick any one but if I had to choose one then it is Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Life OK’s Ghatotkacha.

So do you give more weightage to good looks or acting?

I believe acting is very important; looks are equally important but an actor should know his art. However, channels focus on looks as they need good rating for their shows.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I want to explore Direction. It is my ultimate dream. I see myself directing TV shows, fingers crossed.


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