It is all about ‘growth’ and not about ‘separating’ – Producer Guruodev Bhalla | IWMBuzz

Producer Guruodev Bhalla talks about him and Dhaval Gada deciding to grow two different companies.

It is all about ‘growth’ and not about ‘separating’ – Producer Guruodev Bhalla was the first to report about Producers Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada diversifying their work by going solo!!

The makers of successful shows Udann and Naamkarann are now looking forward to their solo projects in the near future.

Confirming this news, Producer Guruodev Bhalla told, “Yes, we are working on two different production companies. But it does not mean that we are separating. We have grown two other companies, one of Dhaval’s production house and the other of mine, in addition to our joint venture. We are still under the umbrella of our company and will continue with our shows Udann and Naamkarann for the longest time possible. This decision has been taken for growth. The idea is to grow and not to stunt each others’ growth.”

As reported by, Guruodev Bhalla is working on a show for Colors. Few other shows are scheduled to be in the pipeline. We also hear that Dhaval Gada will soon come up with his work too.

Here’s wishing the two talented creative personalities all the very best!!

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