A look at Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill’s timeline in the BB house.

Bigg Boss 13: #SidNaaz Unseen Moments

Bigg Boss 13 has gained a massive wave of viewership thanks to the controversies and fights among the contestants. Amongst them, Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill’s fight has attracted maximum attention.

Initially, Shehnaaz and Shukla were on the same team and also on the same side of the page. It all changed when the latter parted ways from Sid as Himanshi entered the house and Shehnaaz felt sad.

When Shehnaaz went crazy to reconcile with Sid: Remember, the episode where she kept flowers on Sid’s bed to convince him? Of course, Sidharth was moved by this gesture and he pulled her and hugged her tightly.

Shehnaaz’s emotional breakdown: A few days ago, Shehnaaz also had an emotional breakdown when Sidharth was ignoring her. She lost her calm when she saw him talking to the housemates who make fun of her when she expected him not to.

When they tried to get romantic: Remember when Rohit Shetty made the duo dance on “Tu Rang Sharbaton Ka”? We couldn’t stop loling, but we love how Shehnaaz tried her best to look romantic with Sid.

Shehnaaz gets the most chirpy around Sid: Not to forget that Shehnaaz got really sad when Sidharth left the house due to a medical emergency. We saw the sad and depressed side of her. She got back in to form when Sidharth re-entered the house.

When she nominated and warned Rashami to stop targeting Sid all the time: And the best one came last night when Sana couldn’t hold back her anger against Rashami Desai for constantly targeting her friend Sidharth since day 1. She was given special power by Bigg Boss to nominate anyone of her choice for eviction. Shehnaaz didn’t take a moment to think, and immediately nominated Rashami and warned her to stay away from her friend Sid and to stop bothering him.

When the duo brought in the New Year with their killer dance moves: How can we not love the duo dancing on “Proper Patola” on New Year’s eve? Just in case you missed out on it, here’s a gentle reminder.

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