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Know If You’re A True Fan Of The Show

Are You A Fan Of Dill Mill Gayye? Take A Test

Dill Mill Gayye was a very famous television daily soap that aired until October 29th, 2010. This serial was screened on Star One. it is a sequel to the famous Star Plus series Sanjivani: A Medical Boon. This show had a huge fan base of its own. This is mainly due to the often yet interesting plot twists and the suspense-filled story line. This serial was so famous that it is still engraved in the minds of its fans.

As mentioned above, the show has a fan base of its own which consists of millions of fans and every single one of them claims that they are the biggest fan of the show. Do you think you’re the biggest fan of the show? Prove it to us by getting through the quiz below. If you are successfully able to get through all the 10 questions with complete ease, you truly are a fan of the show.

Q1- When was the serial first aired?

Q2- Who played the role of Dr. Armaan Malik?

Q3- What bet does Anjali make with Armaan?

Q4- Who gets close to Armaaan in the medical camp in the village?

Q5- Who is the new intern along with Dr. Rahul Garewal?

Q6- Whom does Dr. Shashank get married to?

Q7- Whose college friend is Dr. Nikita Malhotra?

Q8- Whom does Dr. Keerti get married to?

Q9- Who is Dr. Shilpa’s step sister?

Q10- who plays the character of Dr. Riddhima?

Were you able to get through this with complete ease? If yes, then congratulations! You truly are a huge fan of this show. For more updates and such exciting quizzes on your favourite celebs and shows, stay tuned with us.

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