Some reasons why we like Erica Fernandes more!

Few Things We Liked About Erica Fernandes!

Until the lockdown, Erica Fernandes was very busy along with her tight schedule for the shoot of Kasautii Zindagii Kay. But because the quarantine continues to be on, she is locked inside the home and she has no regret in any respect.

Miss Fernandes is making the very best use of this situation ranging from painting, cooking, gyming, enjoying along with her champ dog, and spending time together with her members of the family.

Yes! The first thing is to the point, Erica is a foodie and likes to experiment with meals. She is a pure non-vegetarian and her favorite dish is Chicken Curry. She also likes to prepare dinner and specializes in bakery items. She additionally likes to eat on road meals like Frankie’s and golgappas.

If not actress and model, Erica would have developed into a stylist or a designer. In reality, she loves stitching and designing garments in her spare time.

Erica Fernandes loves to travel a lot and adding more, she loves to go solo, what an independent girl, be it on-screen or off-screen!

As mentioned above, she is also a great fan of playing Piano. She loves to play it in her free time and guess what! It’s a lockdown, now just guess the number of songs she must have played on a keyboard.

Erica Fernandes is an actress with zero attitudes. She never said no to any of her fans asking for an autograph or a selfie. She loves to approach them personally and make them happy, how down to earth actress, we love you!

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