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Girls! Check out Erica's Workout routine here

The workout routine of Erica Fernandes will motivate you to hit the gym instantly

Erica Fernandes has been posting her workout pictures lately. If you follow her on social media, then you may know that she is a fitness enthusiast. The Kasautii Zindagii Kay actress works out rigorously and follows a healthy diet to keep herself fit and healthy. Erica does a lot of outdoor workouts to keep her body toned.

Fitness goals are important but television actress Erica Fernandes has been winning us over with her fitness videos and her fitness goals. Her bikini picture was the one picture that inspired us all to achieve washboard abs like her. She has us all feeling inspired by her amazing workout videos on Instagram.

She works hard to stay fit and does a lot of intensive workouts with her trainer. We all want abs like hers.

If you’re feeling inspired by her fitness and want those amazing washboard abs then you need a strict fitness regime and ensure to train hard.

Erica does a lot of rock climbing and rope climbing. She also does a lot of monkey jumps and monkey bar workouts using the monkey ladder.

Functional training is known to increase a lot of stability and strength and helps burn fat and lose weight as well. It helps you gain a lot of strength and stability for your daily tasks like lifting a heavy bag or moving a heavy object.
Erica uses a resistance band training to strengthen her core and tone her body. A few basic resistance band workouts she does are Russian twist, knee pulls and torso twists.

Working out outdoors allows you to gain strength and increases your fresh oxygen intake. Erica does a lot of stretching and climbing and outdoor exercises to keep herself healthy and fit.

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