The Viral Fever (TVF) has cemented its place in the hearts of viewers with the resounding success of ‘Panchayat S3’. Known for delivering powerful and relatable content, TVF is currently basking in the glory of not one, but three hit shows: ‘Panchayat S3’, ‘Gullak S4’, and ‘Kota Factory S3’.

Taking to social media, TVF expressed their gratitude to the fans, saying, “Grateful to our amazing audience for making TVF shows the talk of the town! With 3 shows leading the buzz among the top 10 OTT originals in India, including our upcoming releases, your love and support keep us going strong. Thank you for being the heartbeat of TVF! ❤️🎬”

View Instagram Post 1: 3 shows of TVF, Panchayat S3, Gullak S4, and Kota Factory S3, make it to the top 10 shows of India as per Ormax

Each show has struck a chord with audiences for different reasons. ‘Panchayat S3’ continues the heartfelt and humorous journey of life in a rural Indian village, winning praise for its authenticity and charm. ‘Gullak S4’ brings more of the delightful slice-of-life tales that have made the Mishra family’s everyday struggles and joys so endearing. Meanwhile, ‘Kota Factory S3’ delves deeper into the pressures and aspirations of students in India’s coaching hub, resonating strongly with young viewers.

The remarkable reception of these series highlights TVF’s knack for storytelling that resonates across demographics. By consistently delivering high-quality content, TVF has not only maintained but expanded its loyal fan base.

As TVF rides high on this wave of success, fans eagerly anticipate what the content creator has in store next. With the promise of more engaging stories and relatable characters, TVF’s future releases are sure to keep audiences hooked. TVF seems to be totally on a roll this year. They started the year with Sapne Vs Everyone and then followed up with Very Parivarik. Both shows received tremendous love and appreciation. Later on, they truly hit the ball out of the park with the phenomenal success of Panchayat S3, and now Gullak Season 4, while they already have the next season of Kota Factory in the lineup.