A mother plays a dual role in Shemaroo TV's new show 'Karmadikari Shanidev'. Check out

A Mother’s Love in Mythical Realms: Suhasi Dhami Takes on Dual Roles of Chhaya and Sanghya in Shemaroo TV’s upcoming show ‘Karmadikari Shanidev’

Shemaroo TV is coming up with an exciting show, ‘Karmadikari Shanidev,’ which takes you on a captivating journey into mythology. Shanidev is often regarded as the bearer of misfortune, and people fear his reputation for anger. However, this series will explore the untold narratives of the lord of justice and will also highlight his softer, loving relationship with his mother, Chhaya. She plays a crucial role as the most significant figure in Shani’s life. The talented Suhasi Dhami has been roped in to play the roles of Chaaya and Sanghya, promising an enlightening and heartfelt storyline.

Sharing her excitement Suhasi Dhami said “Returning to the screen after 5 years, I’m super excited about diving into mythology once again. Playing the roles of Chhaya and Sanghya in ‘Karmadikari Shanidev’ has been a joyful journey so far we have a very cooperative crew and the cast is also fun to work with. One of the key reasons I signed up for this project was the chance to collaborate with Nikhil Sinha again. Mythological shows bring a unique flavor, and we face a lot of challenges. One of them is mastering the dialect, as the dialogues are often in Sanskrit so during rehearsals, we have to be extra conscious of our lines. I hope the audience appreciates the effort we’re putting in and showers us with love as we bring this intriguing tale to life.”

As for other cast members and the launch date, Shemaroo TV and the production house are keeping things under wraps. Stay tuned to Shemaroo TV for more updates.