Suhasi Dhami the talented actress who was last seen in Aap Ke Aa Jane Se simply loves everything that her house is made of. Her family completes her house, and she will not ask for much!!

In a candid chat with, Suhasi talks about her home decor.

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Which is your favourite corner in your house?

My bed, the left side specifically, it is my corner to just sit and read or do nothing.

What should your dream house look like?

No dream house, just my family should be around, that makes my house.

What colour combination would you like to paint your house?

Mostly white as it gives a free and spacious look, I will put a red curtain or so.

Which celebrity house would you want to be yours?

My house is my house I want no one else’s.

Who will be the first guest that you would call after designing your dream house?

My closest family and friends…just them.

What should your window view look like?

I love watching the sunrise more than sunset. I would love my balcony to open to the sunrise and mountains.

Which part of your house you don’t like?

I love every part of my house, it’s mine.

What will be your priceless contribution to the decor?

My time.

If you have to stick posters in your house, what posters will you stick?

Buddha’s picture, Family pictures

Wallpaper or paint?