Mrunal Jain's wife Sweetie will soon debut in an Indonesian show

Mrunal Jain’s wife Sweetie’s international debut!
Popular TV actor Mrunal Jain’s wife Sweetie Jain will soon debut as an anchor in an Indonesian show. Her better half will be also seen in the show.
When asked Sweetie says,”It’s basically a couple interview about relationship. What is our opinion about relationships. How do we handle our relation. It’s a feel good factor as well a proud feeling that I am doing international reality show with my husband.”
Mrunal is very popular in Indonesia what is your take on that, “Yes, my husband is quite popular. I really feel proud of him. When I see the craziness of his fans for him I feel it’s his hard work which has paid off. The fans literally wait for him outside the studios,at  airport. The madness is to some another level.”
How does it feel to be part of glamour industry since you married an actor? “It’s a completely different experience of marrying an actor. There are both pros an cons for everything same thing applies here. But I have learnt a lot and experienced a lot of different things because I am married to an actor. I feel my overall personality have developed a lot.”
So what about working on Indian daily soaps? “If I get a good opportunity I would want to act.”
On being asked what is the best thing about Mrunal she says, “He is a very heart person and caring by nature. He knows it’s nice to be important but more important to be nice”.

On being asked what if you are offered to act opposite him she says, “It would be great to act opposite him. I am open for Nach Baliye too”.

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