As India prepares to count its votes tomorrow, the results for the most popular digital news channels are in. TV9 Digital has emerged as the clear winner, outpacing its competition by a significant margin. With its strategic content and editorial expertise, TV9 Network offers brands exceptional advertising opportunities to connect with viewers across India through the new digital news leader. This creates a beneficial situation for both viewers and clients alike. TV9 Digital has partnered with over 75 brands for live programming on Counting Day.

TV9 Digital is proud to announce an impressive 25-30% growth on their top websites, and They are now engaging with approximately 100 million unique users, according to Comscore. This success is attributed to an aggressive election content plan aimed at providing significant value for partnering brands. As part of this plan, they introduced Elexi, a chatbot designed exclusively for the Lok Sabha elections. Elexi provides real-time election results and vote margin details, ensuring up-to-the-minute accuracy and engagement. Users can also find information from the 2014 and 2019 elections.

Our new groundbreaking initiative is the Web-Based Interactive Map, specifically designed for broadcast channels. This touch-screen interactive map provides in-depth election information and valuable talking points for anchors to use during live election coverage. The key features of this interactive map include state-wise maps, the ability to filter by party status, constituency categories, and regional breakdowns, all of which enhance the election coverage experience.

These strategic initiatives have substantially boosted the network’s digital footprint, attracted a larger, more engaged audience and offered unparalleled advertising opportunities for brands across various industries and sectors. Some of the leading brands that have partnered with TV9 Network’s general election coverage include VGuard, Sensodyne, Vimal Elaichi, Ultratech, Macho Hint and Saptgiri NPS University, and many more.

Among the network’s regional offerings, TV9 Kannada and TV9 Telugu have retained their leadership position with a 33% and 25% growth respectively according to Comscore.

TV9 Marathi has witnessed a significant growth of 20%, and TV9 Bangla has experienced growth of 17.2%. A multilingual approach has ensured that TV9 Network caters to a diverse audience, providing brands with the unique opportunity to reach and engage with viewers across regional and linguistic lines.

“At TV9 Digital, we are committed to driving growth and engagement across platforms. Our high-quality news and innovative content during this election season have caught the attention of millions of users. Some of our unique initiatives such as Elexi—a chatbot designed exclusively for the Lok Sabha elections, web-based interactive maps, multilingual election data pages, the deployment of vans across Hindi-speaking markets to collect ground reports have been important growth locomotives. No wonder, we have been able to onboard some leading brands to partner with us this election season,” said Raktim Das, Chief Growth Officer, TV9 Network.

Brands are discovering that they can effectively connect with a wide-ranging audience through the TV9 Digital platform. Whether it’s leveraging the strong presence of TV9 Bharatvarsh in Hindi, or the regional influence of TV9 Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, and Bangla, TV9 Network offers unmatched reach and viewer confidence.

TV9’s Multilingual Election Data Pages boast 543 constituency-based pages available in multiple languages. These pages offer extensive candidate coverage, including key candidate highlights, detailed candidate profiling, videos, and ground coverage, catering to a diverse audience.

In the last phase of the Lok Sabha election season, TV9 Digital has onboarded brands like LG Water Purifier, Emami Navratan, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter, GSK, Catch Masale, Daawat Basmati Rice, Mantra Masale, Supreme Industries, Emami Healthy & Tasty, Sharda University, Lux Cozi, Link Locks, NBC Bearings, Pataka Tea, Sparsh CCTV, PC Chandra Jewellers, Amul Macho, Pratinha Biotech, Bharathi Cements, ITC Mangal Deep, Rupa, Adani Wilmar, Sapthagiri NPS University, Simpolo, Mankind Pharma, Shree TMT, Goldiee Masale, Nuvoco Cement, Bhutan Tuff Plywood, R-Pure Masale, Shyam Steel, Dr Padmaja Hospital, Nilgiri, Sangeetha Mobiles, Deltas, Chandigarh University and Samriddhi Automation, to name a few.

In addition to these technology-driven initiatives, TV9 Digital deployed vans across Hindi-speaking markets to collect ground reports and conduct interviews with candidates and voters. Their live blogging page provides real-time updates from all constituencies, keeping users engaged with the latest information from their key areas. This comprehensive suite of tools and coverage ensures robust and engaging election reporting, placing TV9 Digital in the lead position.