TVF continues to push the envelope with its diverse content, and Very Parivarik is no exception. This series delves into the life of a modern Indian family, exploring the challenges a couple faces when they start living with their parents. The show’s universal appeal and relatable subject matter have struck a chord with viewers. Riding high on its popularity, TVF has just released Episode 9: Choice: The Pasand.

With its innovative weekly release format, TVF has once again brought premium content to the masses. From the engaging storyline to the meticulous execution and relatable characters, Very Parivarik offers everything today’s audience craves. Each episode brings something fresh, and the show’s weekly format has re-energized Indian digital content. TVF stands at the forefront of this digital revolution, leading the way with its cutting-edge series.

Very Parivarik is receiving immense love from viewers. The show captures the nuances of modern Indian families like no other, proving TVF’s prowess in creating relatable content. As TVF’s first weekly show, Very Parivarik offers a new and exciting episode every week.

The story revolves around a couple, where the husband is an IT professional and the wife works in the film industry. The real humour unfolds when their parents come to live with them, highlighting the hilarious dynamics of a modern Indian household. With over 11 million views, 400,000 engagements, 155 million impressions, and consistently trending in the top 5 on YouTube, “Very Parivarik” is a certified hit.

Worth saying, that TVF has truly changed the scenario and has cemented its strong feet in the world of content with shows like Panchayat, Gullak, Aspirants, and several others. These are not just TVFs best but also the best ones in the Indian content arena.