Who do you think is the most stylish diva?

Avneet Kaur vs Reem Sheikh: The stylish diva

When we talk about TikTok stars, one of the names that we just can’t miss out on is Avneet Kaur. She has captured all of our hearts ever since we first caught a glimpse of the beauty. The star now has millions of fans all across the country. This is mainly due to the content she posts on the social media platform called TikTok. We often see her posting videos that are cute in nature and impossible to not aww at. However, she is also known for her killer features like her dark doe-like eyes, her plump lips and long luscious locks. But what we can’t get our eyes off is her slender figure, she is also seen slaying various outfits and looks good in the choice she makes in terms of fashion.

On the other hand, we have Reem Sheikh. She is the nation’s crush too. Mainly due to her acting in the television daily soap called Tujhse Hai Raabta. She is appreciated for how commendably she plays her role in the serial. She is admired for her acting skills and dialogue delivery. Although what we can’t stop talking about is the actress’ amazing sense of style. We have seen her being pretty versatile in terms of her dressing where she knows to ace almost anything that she chooses to wear.

We think both of these stars are the most fashionable ones we have known till date. We are asking you to break the tie and make the decision of who is the most stylish diva among them through your votes below.

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