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Donal Bisht who essayed the lead role of Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji had a shocking experience recently when she as stuck inside a lift.

Donal Bisht’s scary experience as she gets stuck inside a lift

Donal Bisht who has recently wrapped up shoot for her Star Plus show Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji faced a terrible incident few days back when she was caught in the lift of her building for nearly 30 minutes before she was helped and taken out!!

It was indeed a tough time for Donal as she tried her best to keep her morale and mood up. But the fact was that she was feeling really tense in mind and could not stop lamenting about it.

Here is a look at her situation as she got stuck in the lift.

When called, Donal spoke about the terrible situation she saw herself in. “I was stuck inside the lift for half an hour. I have heard stories of people feeling claustrophobic and panicking in such cases. So I made sure I kept myself busy by recording myself (smiles). I was also remembering all kind of stories and wondered if I will lose out on my breath and senses. This was a first time experience for me. Thankfully, there is always a good network even when we are in the lift of our building. So I called our head guard, but he was home at that moment. The process took a bit of time. I also started ringing the bell inside the lift. When I heard movements outside, I started to scream asking for help. Finally I was out when the guards came.”

“It was quite an experience. I hope this does not happen to anyone. I now feel really scared on taking the lift,” she states.

Donal, we are glad that you are safe!!


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