Erica Fernandes the talented actress who is known for her portrayal as the lead opposite Parth Samthaan in Kasautii Zindagi Kay, has been away from the limelight for some time now. Her fans are waiting with bated breath to see her in action in her new project. As she takes her time off, we are sure she is looking for the best project that can put her right back in the limelight. Well, it seems to be fun and all fun for Erica at the moment. She is spending quality time with her family, and here in her recent video on social media, we can see her indulging in water sports with her brother. Yes, their cute bond as siblings can be seen here.

Erica and her brother Jermaine Fernandes are in the pool, playing and having fun. They have a ball for company and they are enjoying the moment. Throwing the ball at each other, splashing water, making faces and enjoying the sibling bond is what we see in these videos here.

Erica talks about reliving her childhood this way and we are sure she enjoyed this moment. Truly, it is always nice to forget the tension and behave just as children do, being relaxed and funny.

You can take a look at the video here.

Video Courtesy: Instagram

Are you all loving this video? Three cheers to this cute bond between Erica and her brother!!