Actor Vivek Dahiya is currently living it up in London & if his photo sharing app is anything to go by, he’s making the most of his trip with some super fun pictures.

The actor who is a self-proclaimed travelholic has been traveling since his college days and seems to be on a mission to make sure that he exposes every corner of the world!  And the actor during his travels makes sure to rent a car and drive on the local roads for hours to discover the beauty of each place he travels to.

Vivek reveals, “I find driving to be therapeutic!  For me being behind the wheels with some of my favorite music on and unknown roads in front of me is an adventure I love.  Due to studying at a university in UK I had always driven abroad, but I tried my hands at left hand driving for the first time when we visited Italy last year.  And now that the inhibitions on opposite hand driving are gone, I want to drive in every country in the world.”

He further jokes, “And they say if you can drive in India, then you can drive anywhere in the world!”

Well boys & their toys!