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the Zee TV is popular show guddan Tumse Na Ho payega is taking over the audience’s mind. The cute love story between AJ and guddan is what keeping the show going. But just like any other love story, there is always a villain in it and here it is Antara. Well, they were times when AJ chose Antara over guddan. This happens due to a lack of trust in their relationship.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Fight Moments: When AJ chose Antara over Guddan

On the engagement night of AJ and guddan, AJ receives a letter in which he is called on the terrace. While he assumes that the letter is from guddan but the letter is actually from Antara both guddan and AJ are high on drugs. AJ passes out on the terrace while Antra intentionally get in bed with him and make sure guddan sees all of this.

Also, do you remember the time when Antra fake tha pregnancy? When guddan comes to know about her fake pregnancy she convinces all to believe her but as AJ trust Antara more and was also in bed with her he choose her over guddan. And how can we forget the time when Antara murdered her own brother for the sake of her love. Her brother was helping guddan and Antra didn’t accept that when guddan came to know about this she called the police but no one believes that not even AJ and instead warned her to stay away from Antra.

Guddan tries to force Antara into confessing the truth. She threatens to electrocute her with fake wires. However, AJ sees Guddan’s methods as being too extreme. He believes Guddan is intentionally harming Antara and her child. He gets furious with Guddan and takes back his engagement ring. AJ breaks his engagement with Guddan and announces his wedding with her too. Guddan takes control of AJ’s property to stop it from going to Antara.

However, AJ thinks that Guddan is being greedy. She again attempts to prove that Antara is not pregnant. This time Antara pretends that Guddan threw her down the stairs. Antara pays a doctor to declare that her child is dead. AJ accuses Guddan of murdering the child in Antara’s womb and leaves the house.

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