The family special episode will be all things entertainment in MTV Ace of Space 2

MTV Ace of Space 2: Salman Zaidi’s sister to slam Baseer Ali in family special episode

Surprises are fun and MTV Ace of Space 2 surely has loads of them. Mastermind Vikas Gupta is often throwing curveballs for the contestants, leaving them surprised and shocked. This time, it was not a test of the physical and mental challenge, but a test of emotions for the houseguests!

The contestants were asked to be placed in capsules with buzzers in front of them. If they were distracted by the situation, they had to press the buzzer. Sounds easy right? Well, by now, we’re all aware that appearances are deceptive in the Mastermind’s house! The subject of distraction for the houseguests were their near and dear ones, families of the houseguests. Emotions poured in the house, where on one hand, Baseer was teary-eyed at the sight of his mother, on the other, Krissann broke down on hearing her mother’s voice. And this overwhelming moment is something to watch out for!

With these outburst of emotions, a dramatic element awaits the viewers. Salman Zaidi’s sister stood strong against counterpart Baseer Ali and slams him. She was quoted saying, “Ladai jhagda thik hai but I think jiss tarikhe se aapne Salman ko niche giraya, aapka beej laga hai abhi aur mein toh jaadh bann chukha hu and tumhare pass kya tha aur kya hai – buss yeh 2 lines mujhe bahut khatki.” Will this lead to more problems and create bitterness between the childhood friends?

Tune into the special family episode at 6pm only on MTV

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