While many individuals follow various workout programmes such as cardio, weight training, functional training, and so on, Punjabi actress Kavita Kaushik has been following one mantra for years – yoga. The actress has a habit of uploading photos and videos of her yoga poses on her social media accounts, and she did it again today.

Kavita Kaushik bends and turns into shapes that are too stunning with the elasticity like a rubber band. You may find them here:

In this shot, Kavita is executing a split headstand in a blue bikini. “Har har Mahadev,” she wrote with this one. Simple Kaul, an actress, couldn’t help but exclaim “wow” when she saw how easily she executed the asana.

Kavita hasn’t practiced yoga in a long time. This shot of her performing one of the most difficult asanas demonstrates how she has gained strength over the years. “It proves you’ve spent days with ‘yoga,'” one user wrote on the post. ‘May God bless you.’

In one, Kavita is wearing a patterned bikini, while in the other, she is wearing a short green dress. The asanas she is performing in the images demonstrate her body’s flexibility.

In this one, the actress is depicted upside down in black leggings and a sports bra. “I’ve always accomplished the most difficult tasks alone,” she captioned this shot.

Kavita enjoys doing yoga in her bikinis on the beaches. This was captured on one of her travels to Goa. Her passion for yoga is incredibly encouraging, and she receives a lot of affection from people on the internet.

Kavita Kaushik developed sculpted abs just via the practice of the following yoga. In addition, while filming two distinct movies and roles back to back in 2018, she shed 6-8 kg in a month by performing 3 hours of yoga every day.