When Randeep and Ashi got married in real life

Randeep and Ashi of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai almost got married while filming for the show

When Randeep and Ashi got married in real life

The most awaited on-screen marriage of Sameer and Naina is almost here and audiences cannot wait more to see them tie a knot. But, what happened during the shoot created a hilarious environment all around the set. Randeep Rai who plays Sameer and Ashi Singh who plays Naina almost got married for real while shooting.

Randeep Rai and Ashi Singh were shooting for their marriage sequence and they got so engrossed in the scene that while shooting for the pheras, they did not realise that they had to stop after 3 rounds. The director was all the more focused, and he was seeking for a better shot with every round. It was Randeep’s real brother who had come to witness their wedding shoot, reminded him that Randeep and Ashi are about to complete 5 pheras which means they’ll marry each other in real life. This made both stop and it created a laugh riot around the sets.

Randeep said “I lost a count of pheras as the shot was on. I just waited for our director to say cut. I am thankful to my brother or else I would have been married to Ashi by now. Whenever I recall that incident, I cannot stop laughing.”

Ashi said “It was so shocking for me. The moment Randeep’s brother reminded us that we are about to complete 5 pheras, I didn’t care about anything else but I just stopped right away. And Randeep was about to fall on me. We had a hilarious moment that day, and I can never forget that.”

This is a perfect scenario of reel meeting real.

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