Contestant reveals an emotional struggle against racism in the last leg of the auditions in Roadies Revolution

Roadies Revolution: Contestant gets direct entry to Roadies Journey

With the grand auditions for Roadies Revolution coming to an end in Kolkata, this week, the audience will get a sneak peek into the culling round. The shortlisted contestants from the auditions phase will now gear up to make their way to the top and secure their position for the much awaited journey. The celebrity leaders will meet a good pool of talent with noticeable struggles, with the heart-popping amazement, thrill and fun for the culling round.

Meet Jayant, who will impress everyone with his fitness, flexibility and rhythmic stunts. A victim of racism, Jayant narrates his struggles of how he was looked down upon because of his color and that he was not very fluent in English. He further elaborated on how he has seen domestic violence at home when he was young but has now brought in change in the family. Another contestant, Aman, won everyone’s heart with his idea of giving back to the society in small ways. He will be seen entertaining through his unique ‘Animal Flow’ and calisthenics. The celebrity leaders too, had their share of entertainment after a successful completion of the auditions. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one!

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From the auditions, the episode moves on to the first culling round of this season. Rannvijay introduces the culling round and starts judging everyone in groups of four or five. While for some it will be a happy ending, others will return with the hope of coming back with a bang next time. Moreover, some contestants will have to deal with the suspense of the holding area. The surprises don’t end here, as one of the contestants will also get a direct entry to the Roadies Journey. Rannvijay also has something planned for another aspirant for the first time ever on the show! Too much excitement already? Tune-in to watch what happens next!

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