Sandeep Aanand is ‘rejuvenated’ after his adventurous road travel

Talented actor Sandeep Aanand is now looking for work after his daring road trip...

Sandeep Aanand is ‘rejuvenated’ after his adventurous road travel

Actor Sandeep Aanand, last seen as the lead in May I Come In Madam looks for rejuvenating breaks before taking up any new project!!

Post the closure of his successful Life OK show, Sandeep has been on a travel spree, with his close friends.

This particular travel plan will remain etched in his memory forever, for it was special because he traveled the whole distance by road in his own car!!

Says Sandeep, “This trip was fascinating as it was very adventurous. We went to Manali and stayed there for 3 days. Later, we headed for a rather dangerous journey to Leh Ladakh from Manali. We stayed at Ladakh for 4 days.  On the whole, I have been travelling in my car, and have been on road for the past 15 days.”

For Sandeep, such holidays are very important as it calms the inner mind, and makes the system all ready for a new work mission.

Talking about his work, Sandeep claims that creative satisfaction is very important for him. “I will be back with something soon. But it will be a cult show again. I will not do anything just for money. After May I Come In Madam, I am getting lot of offers. But I am keeping a calm mind. I will take the best that comes my way and will be back soon.”

Here are Sandeep’s amazing travel pictures…

Here’s wishing the talented actor all the very best for his next venture.

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