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Divya Drishti is a supernatural show where they show the two sisters have been apart from their childhood.

Scenes from Divya Drishti that will make you route for Drishti and Rakshits mystery

The story talks about the powers given to both sisters Divya Drishti. After both the sisters getting young and they are shown grown up since they are a part of them don’t know about each other.

Divya Drishti has a very different storyline the characters playing in the serials having each different graph. In the serial sisters, names are r Divya and drashti. Divya sister who has powers in her hands and drashti has the power to see the future as she touches any human being.they are uncertain tragedies going on in the life of Divya Drishti. As their searching for each other in search of both the sisters the come to a house where the work. come in contact with rakshit.

Further rakshit is seen getting married to Drishti who worked as his personal assistant. Love angle of drashti and rakshith is a bit of love-hate chemistry. They used to fight in the show and also care for each other after the while it was shown atta rakshit also has superpowers.

Drashti and rakshith a saving the stone of God which is very important and it is not supposed to go in wrong hands. While they both are together they make a good pair and put portraying very powerful actors and the show is also showing very good chemistry of rakshit and Drishti audience is also like in the love-hate story.

Drashti and rakshith really very unique Bond and the show is going really very good in the graph of the chemistry audience as already attracted to the serial and the serial is a huge success now

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