The most awaited show, Shark Tank India, has been making news headlines since its launch of season 2. One of the sharks, Amit Jain in a funny way made a sarcastic comment about Namita Thapar’s husband in a recent episode of the show Shark Tank India. Amit Jain is a co-founder of CarDekho and also one of the sharks in the show. The shark called Namita a ‘husband beater’ when she became quite curious about a pitch on Tasers and other safety gadgets. At the same time, the conversation was made neutral by owner Anupam Mittal suggesting to keep household things at home.

As per the reports by India Today, Namita Thapar humorously said, “Can’t someone misuse this on their husband?” Reacting to her statement, Amit called her a ‘husband beater.’ While Anupam commented, “Are bhai ghar ki baat ghar mein rakha karo yahan kya bata rahi ho on national television”.

In addition, the cold war between the sharks brings humor to the audience. And fans and viewers shared their hilarious opinions. Anupam Mittal tweeted, “Is Twitter becoming the new Quora?” Replying to him, Atul Mishra commented, “Naah but Shark Tank is the new
Sasural Simar Ka.” Reacting to this, Anupam tweeted, “oh good for you since you clearly watch both.” Again Atul Mishra said, “I do and did (for a while), it’s only after you’ve consumed sub-standard stuff, you realize the value of quality.” While Rajeev Paul said, “Thank you for comparing it to my show…so you’re saying We Oswals from Sasural.Simar Ka are Hsark Tanks Thanks it’s a compliment.” As the user said, “Not Sasural Simar ka but Indian Idol/any average Indian reality show where every pitcher has its own ‘dukhda’ to share. Offers based on the ’emotional quotient’ parameter.”

This made the audience enjoy the cold war between the two.

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Source: news18