Shikha Singh known to play notable roles is all set to play a ghostly avatar on the show.

Shikha Singh’s tryst with Horror

Giving viewers a thrilling weekend experience, &TV’s weekend fiction show Laal Ishq has garnered eyeballs with its unusual stories pertaining to paranormal happenings that have been loved by the viewers and also topping the TRP charts. In the upcoming episode, well known television actress Shikha Singh known to play notable roles is all set to play a ghostly avatar on the show. Being her first tryst with the supernatural genre, Shikha was excited to play her part and bring out the best in her. 

Talking about playing Veebha who is going through an emotional and mental breakdown being the victim as well as the accused, Shikha shares, “From the roles I have previously played on the screen, this character is different as well as challenging for me. The genre that pertains to horror takes a lot of energy and is mentally draining for artists.” She emphasizes, “Today, the scripts have become content driven which enhances an actors’ performance and makes it look flawless. The entire dynamic of a horror show gives an actor, a variation in the roles that they get to play on the screen. Laal Ishq definitely gives me an opportunity to showcase much more talent than I would on a daily soap.” 

Breaking the stereotype Shikha says, “I like to experiment with my roles and take up characters out of my comfort zone. Saas-Bahu dramas and supernatural shows both have their own struggles and makes it challenging for us actors to project our best for our viewers. Also, looking at the content that the makers are bringing forth in today’s times it is very essential for them to showcase variety. Today, content has become the king of the industry, the viewers will watch the show if it has good content and adds value to their viewing. Accepting this challenge and showcasing it on the screens, the makers are doing an exceptional job.” 

Talking about her own beliefs in supernatural elements, Shikha said, “I do believe that a parallel universe exists and that there are energies around us that affect us in a good or a bad way. These energies have a great impact on our day to day life as well.” 

The story in Laal Ishq revolves around the friendship of Veebha and Meera who live in an orphanage and are best of friends. The two are very close to each other and make a pact that they will be there for each other no matter what, even if its death they will have each other’s back. Over a period of time, Veebha and Meera find out that they have fallen in love with the same man named Bharat. Bharat on the other hand loves Meera, which makes Veebha jealous. In the bid to win Bharat and out of jealousy Veebha kills Meera and marries Bharat. Meera’s’ soul doesn’t liberate and because of this, Veebha starts to experience paranormal activities as Meera’s soul gets inside her. Meera makes Veebha confess to her crime and exposes her wrong doing to Bharat.  

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