Munisha Khatwani,'s Tarot Specialist, decodes the impact of Coronavirus and what to do next...

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Here’s let’s find out what the world of Tarot has to say in these trying times of Coronavirus.

The Card of the Devil indicates that right now things are really bad and it is going to continue to remain bad for a couple of weeks. Things are unlikely to get better before May until and unless there is a transit of ‘Rahu’ which is happening around 10th May. It is going to be a secret transit and the cards suggest that the ‘Wheels Of Fortune’ will then change which will eventually calm the situation further. It is to be noted that it doesn’t mean that things will not at all improve before May but just that first it is going to escalate and then eventually come down.

Based on predictions, things are supposed to get better in Maharashtra around Mid April. Cards also suggest that it will take some time to recover because the fear in people’s minds will still prevail and also it is the lack of knowledge around the ‘Coronavirus’ that’s a bit of a problem. There are plenty of rumors which will take its own time to eventually die down. Covid -19 has been given the name because it started in 2019 but as we all can see, it got momentum around January 2020. The Chinese consider the number ‘4’ very unlucky so anything that is four or adds up to four is considered inauspicious for them. The year 2020 is all about ‘4’ that way and as we can see, it started in China itself.

On a more spiritual level, if we see it, our mother Earth is basically cleaning itself as there has been too much of misuse of our planet. Too much of contamination has happened and there has to be a balance in nature. There are a lot of animals that don’t fall under our food chain but because of the injustice China has done to creatures like bats and others, it is a form of ‘Karmic law’ which they have undergone. Unfortunately, a lot of innocent people suffer for this because it’s a mass reaction.

Overall, the feeling is that it is a result of the consumption of some kind of meat, maybe a bat or something which is not supposed to be consumed. That’s the reason mother Earth has reacted and is taking its own time to reinvent itself.

To sum it up, things are expected to get better post-mid-April but complete respite will only be expected after the transit of Rahu happens and that’s not before May 10th.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

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