Our very own Aladdin and Yasmine make one of the prettiest couple in telly town

We think Aladdin fame actors Avneet Kaur and Siddharth Nigam make the cutest pair ever!

From real life couples to reel life jodis, we all are fans of atleast one pair that makes us happy with their romance. Be it Divyanka-Vivek or Sameer-Naina, these Indian television jodis are a joy to watch together.

One of the more younger pair of actors that are currently wooing us with their on-screen chemistry are Avneet Kaur and Siddharth Nigam. Sony SAB’s fantasy TV drama Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga shows the actors portraying the lead roles of Aladdin and Princess Yasmine. And what a pair they make!

Both these actors are entralling their audiences with their amazing chemistry and screen presence. It helps that the duo are very good friends off the screen too which certainly translates very well on the camera.

Avneet and Siddharth enjoy a massive social media following and fans are known to ship them together hard. Fans love to see the two of them spend time with each other behind the scenes as well. And the two celebrities do not disappoint their fans at all.

They are often seen taking selfies and sharing them on their social handles for their fans who instantly go in a tizzy! These best friends are not afraid to openly admire and share their love for each other with the world.

With her innocent, bubbly looks and his handsome face, Avneet and Siddharth indeed make a very striking pair. Not only are they are favorite jodi, they are each other’s favorite too. Pretty sweet right?

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