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We have come across several American telly shows ever since we were teenagers. Few of them were so good that their storyline and iconic scenes are still remembered by us. One such show we all are huge fans of is FRIENDS and we’re here to tell you more about its funniest scenes.

Top 10 funniest scenes of FRIENDS

Friends is by far one of the most loved telly series ever made. The American show was loved ever since its first ever episode was screened. The show even today has a fan base of millions all over the world but this comes as no surprise knowing what an amazing show it was. In fact, we still Watch the show and here are it’s top 10 funniest scenes ranked by us:

1- The scene with Ross’s spray tan: This part cracked us up harder than ever where we saw him getting a bad job done in the first attempt itself and getting it worsened in the second attempt where he tried to even it out and failed.
2- When Rachel and Phoebe find out: This scene has gifted us with one of the most iconic lines in the series- “They don’t know that we know they know” This was when Rachel and Phoebe find out about Chandler and Monica dating and trying to get some of their own fun out of it.
3- When Ross introduces Julie: This is the part when Rachel sees Ross and Julie at the airport together and rushes back home and is completely breathless while trying to tell the other friends the entire scenario until Ross and Julie get home.
4- Joey trying to learn French: This scene is probably what sums up Joey’s goofy character. After finding out that Phoebe can teach him French, Joey makes a very confident attempt at repeating what she teaches him in French but failing miserably resulting to our tummy aching laughter.
5- The blackout: This is the scene where there is a blackout all over the city and Chandler is stuck at an ATM with a supermodel and tries to entice her but fails and also where Ross tries to ask Rachel out from the first time but fails as a cat pounces on him.
6- Stealing the apartment back: This is the part when Monica and Rachel bribe Joey and Chandler with tickets to a game to distract them from sitting over an apartment they lost to a bet and while they’re at the game, the girls seize the opportunity and move their stuff back over to their apartment.
7- Thanksgiving pants: How can we miss out the iconic scene where it’s thanksgiving and Joey has promised to finish an entire turkey but halfway through realizes he needs stretchy pants and goes and changes into Phoebe’s maternity pants and calls him his Thanksgiving pants.
8- The stolen clothes: The scene where no one is ready for Ross’s event and Joey and Chandler are fighting over a chair. So Chandler steals Joey’s underwear and Joey gets back at him by wearing all of Chandler’s clothes.
9- Jellyfish sting: The scene where Joey, Monica and Chandler go to a beach and Monica is stung by a jellyfish but to cure the irritation. Joey does what he has to do. If you know, you know 😉
10- Ross’s sandwich: When Ross takes his special Thanksgiving sandwich to work and it gets stolen by his boss and Ross just can’t help but react in a way that has him seeing a psychiatrist later.

These were what we thought the top funnies scenes in the series. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favourite shows.

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