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In all these years we have come across some of the best TV shows ever made. These shows are loved for their cast and storyline. One such show we all know and are extremely fond of is FRIENDS and we’re here to tell you more about the show that you probably didn’t know already.

Top unnoticed facts about FRIENDS

FRIENDS is by far one of the most loved shows ever created. The show was loved ever since it was first screened in the mid 90s up until the mid 2000s where it has developed a massive fan base all over the globe. In fact, that’s not where it ended. The show is still watched by youngsters and elders across the globe on various platforms. This is mainly due to its great story line, unexpected twist, great characters and witty sense of humor. However no matter how much you love the show, there really probably some things you still don’t know. Below are listed the top unnoticed facts from our favourite series FRIENDS.

1- The show initially was almost called names like “Insomnia café”, “Friends Like Us” and “Across The Hall” until they settled On the name FRIENDS.
2- Initially the makers of the show asked Courtney Cox to play the role of Rachel instead of Monica but Courtney declined from doing so and we can’t be more grateful.
3- Many often say that the theme track was shot in New York at the Central Park’s Pulitzer Fountain but it was actually the Warner Bros lot.
4- The cast took a trip to Las Vegas before the show was aired as their director insisted that once the show is aired they will be hounded by fans and paps.
5- Phoebe was told to learn the guitar and was even given a guitar teacher but gave up after a few chords and we find that perfect as we can’t imagine Smelly Cat being played another way.
6- Every scene was shot in front of 300 audience members to test of the jokes worked and that’s what motivated the cast.
7- While in most shows cast members boycott work due to unequal pay, at this show the cast members demanded equal pay for each of them and we’re earning $1 million per episode each by the end of the series.
8- Chandler’s and Monica’s apartment numbers were changed from 5 and 6 to 19 and 20 as the makers of the show realized they lived on a higher floor so those numbers didn’t make sense.
9- We all know that there was a Magna doodle board behind Joey’s apartment door and we’d usually see reminders or doodles on it. But this was actually a job and someone was assigned to make sure there was always something.
10- After the series ended Joey took home the Magnitude doodle board and the foosball table as he has a soft spot for them.

These were some of the top facts about your favourite show. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favourite celebs and shows.

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