Know If You’re A True Fan Of The Show

Are You A True Fan Of Dill Mill Gayye? Take A Test

Dill Mill Gayye was one of the most loved television daily soaps across the country, so loved, that it had a fan base of its own. The show was loved mainly due to its interesting storyline and unexpected plot twists. The show showed us the romantic lives of doctors, who were played by some amazing actors and actresses.

Just as mentioned above, this show has a fan base of its own which is huge and consists of millions of fans. What is amusing is the fact that all these fans claim that they are the biggest fan of the show. Do you think you’re a big fan of the show? Try and take the test we have prepared for you below. The ease with which you get through will determine if you’re a true fan of the show or not.

Q1- What role does Karan Singh Grover play on the show?

Q2- Who played the role of Dr. Riddhima Gupta when the show first started?

Q3- Which hospital were the surgical interns and resident doctors in?

Q4- Who is the head of Sanjeevani hospital?

Q5- What are the names of Dr. Shashank Gupta’s children?

Q6- Whom does Anjali bet that Ridhhima will fall in love with?

Q7- Whom does Armaan want to impress with his disguised look?

Q8- Whom does Dr. Abhimanyu first have feelings for?

Q9- What does Dr. Shashank not like about Billy?

Q10- Whom does Riddhima sing a song for at the end of the show?

Did you get through all of the questions above without any hassle? If yes, then Congratulations! You truly are a big fan of the show. Stay tuned with us for more such exciting quizzes and updates on your favourite shows.

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