Gauhar Khan, one of the well-known television stars opens up on her struggling days, here read to know

“Tum Madhuri Dixit Ho?” Gauhar Khan Recalls Her Struggling Days

Gauhar Khan who sparked to headlines with her fabulous performance in films and shows like Tandav, seldom opens up on her struggling bit. However, of late the actress however spoke about her share of struggling days in the industry and is grateful for what she has in her kitty. Saying, “I’ve had my struggling years, where I thought I’m not going in the right direction.”

She further adds on saying, “I don’t talk about the things that don’t make me feel grateful about the better things I had in my life. I like to be in a state of gratitude.”

However, there’s been this one time when Gauhar Khan opened up on her struggling days, saying, “There have been days when I had to travel in local trains in Mumbai, distributing my pictures. I signed my first film in 2003. The news was all over the place. I was so excited about it! (But soon) They kept hanging [up on] me, and then they just dropped me. The muhurat was done with someone else. Thank God, it wasn’t my debut. I’ve had crazy experiences that I don’t want to recollect. I’m never bitter about it though.”

Adding on her interactions with producers and how they used to welcome her, she said, “I’ve had people who’ve said to me, ‘You really think that koi producer tumhe welcome karega aur bolega tumhe leke picture banata hoon?’, ‘Tumhe kya lagta hai tum Madhuri Dixit ho?’”

She further shared, “Back then, there was this producer, he had produced the biggest blockbuster and a National Award-winning film. He took my date of birth and other information, saying that he doesn’t do anything without his panditji’s suggestions. I was called 10 days later only to be told, ‘You’ll never make it in the industry, you’ll never become an actress. Even if you do, you’ll only do shady and sidey roles’. I was just 22 then, but I still had confidence in myself, so I told him to watch me.” As quoted by Hindustan Times.