Interesting update in &TV show Perfect Pati with Pushkar going exhibiting a strange behaviour.

Pushkar to go missing from his wedding in Perfect Pati

&TV’s latest offering Perfect Pati (Film Farm India) is going through some intense drama!!

So gear up to see some dhamakedar twists and turns in the coming episode of the show.

As seen so far, the families are enjoying the pre-wedding rituals of Pushkar (Ayush Anand) and Vidhita’s (Sayali Sanjeev).

Now, in the forthcoming drama, Ashwin and his family will wait to welcome the groom along with the baarat, but they would later find out that Pushkar is missing.

Everyone will panic hoping history to not repeat itself. Vidhita will also get worried. Later, Pushkar would reach the wedding venue and Vidhita will see him and get relieved. She will worriedly ask him about his whereabouts. Pushkar will tell her that he went to the mandir. However, in reality, he would have been in the car with Badri and deliberately stayed away to get Vidhita worried for him.

What is the reason behind Pushkar’s weird behaviour? Will Vidhita learn about the same? Will the marriage take place?

Audience have to watch the daily to get the answers…

We tried reaching Sayali for a comment but she remained unavailable.

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