Qurbaan Hua the Zee TV show produced by Full House Media has seen major drama with Dua not accepting Chahat as her mother. Neel and Chahat are having a tough time managing Dua. Also, the limelight is on whether Neel will accept the wedding of Naveli and Bhupinder.

On the other hand, Aalekh will try to use Alaknanda as his trump card against Neel and Chahat. He will blackmail Alaknanda and tell her that he will separate Dua from her. As we know, Alka loves Dua like her daughter and will fall into Aalekh’s trap.

Aalekh will force Alka to steal the property papers of Vyasji. Alka will help him, but will get caught by Neel and Chahat.

Neel will take the drastic step of throwing Alka out of the house.


Will Alka turn negative now?

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