Interesting drama in Colors show…

Sanchi and Kabir to get married in Savitri Devi College And Hospital

Colors’ Savitri Devi College And Hospital (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms) is churning out interesting drama in the upcoming episodes.

Audience witnessed Veer (Varun Kapoor) getting drunk and trying to ruin Sanchi’s (Swarda Thigale) haldi ceremony.

Now, in the forthcoming episodes, Jaya (Shilpa Shirodkar) and Savitri (Nishigandha Wad) will try to stop Sanchi and Kabir’s (Vikram Sakhalkar) wedding. However, they will fail to do so and the two will tie the knot.

Later, according to a rule, Sanchi being dean of the hospital, the house would belong to her. Now, as she is married to Kabir, the house will also belong to him. Hence, Kabir will enter and rule in the house. He would also change the name plate to his name. This change will not go well with Veer and he would decide to seek revenge.

Veer will also be in trouble as both house and hospital will be controlled by Kabir.

How will this drama unfold is what viewers have to watch.

We buzzed Vikram but he was busy shooting.

Watch this space for more updates.

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