If I have had a good day at work, I sleep well at night; otherwise, I do not sleep: Varun Kapoor

Varun Kapoor who is part of Savitri Devi College and Hospital on Colors is a thinking actor, and is always eager to give in his best.

If I have had a good day at work, I sleep well at night; otherwise, I do not sleep: Varun Kapoor

Varun Kapoor is happy and elated with the long run that Savitri Devi College and Hospital, his Colors show is having.

Says Varun, “Yes, we are doing really well; sustaining the 6.30 PM time slot is good. I am enjoying the experience of being part of the show. There has been a lot of responsibility and stress on me for the last couple of months. I think I am coping up well; I have so much to do in all the scenes that come by. Overall, it has been nice.”

Ask him about his way of managing the hectic schedule and he states, “With all the character graph you need to put in, and the heavy-duty drama, you finish one scene and quickly get into the other and its continues. This actually takes a toll on me; I don’t know how others cope up with this. The only thing I tell myself every morning is to give in my best. So when I reach the set and the director calls ‘action’, all of it starts happening for me. Between ‘action’ and ‘cut’, things seem to flow. There is a force that makes you do things. This is how I have got to learn.”

Varun is happy that the creative team of the show has taken good care of his character. “I am so thankful to the writers and creative; they have taken care of this character so well. This is another reason which helps me spring up from my bed, eager to do my role everyday.”

On the learnings that the industry and his experiences have taught him, Varun avers, “Acting is not about crying, and taking glycerine. Acting is not about your pitch going high; it is purely about the emotions that you portray and the simpler you do it, the better it comes out and reaches more to the audience. This is what I have learnt. So I believe acting is all about your eyes, the body and the way you talk.”

“If I have done a good job on the given day, I have a good night’s sleep. If not, I don’t sleep well. The good thing on TV is that you have a tomorrow to get things right. And there will come a day when you will get everything right,” he states.

Nice thoughts, Varun!!

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