Drama galore in Rishtey’s Navrangi Re

Vishwaas-Chitralekha-Chitru’s love triangle to bring drama in Rishtey’s Navrangi Re

Rishtey’s Navrangi Re produced by Swastik Production, the story of a lively mohalla in a town in Northern India, is full of quirky and endearing characters.

In tonight’s episode, the beloved lover of Chitralekha (Vaishnavi Dhanraj) i.e KSeth, Vishwaas (Aamir Ali) is leaving no stone unturned to impress her.

While K Seth is dreaming about some fun times with Chitru on the other hand, Vishwaas is preparing some lip-smacking breakfast for Chitralkeha. But to their surprise, Chitralekha’s bua Bijli comes with a ‘Rishta’ for Chitru which leaves both of them in shock.

Kick-starting the celebration with a bang, Bua ji places a big order for the Rishta at Motichoor’s shop and this news spreads like a forest fire in the mohalla. Chitralekha asks Vishwaas to shift back to his own house but bua ji stops him as she needs more hands and legs in the wedding preparation. This annoys Chitralekha but Vishwaas takes this has an opportunity to get into Chitru’s mind and say no for the marriage.

While Vishwaas tries to reason it out with Chitru to say no, he tells her that she is doing all of this for her father’s happiness and is sacrificing her dreams of becoming an IAS officer. But, Chitralekha being stubborn says YES to the boy for marriage. Vishwaas feels a little dejected but doesn’t give up and starts making a plan with K Seth to prevent Gajaraj (Raju Kher) from calling the suitor and his family.

Will Vishwaas and K Seth succeed in their plans? Will Chitralekhs ever realise her love for Vishwaas?

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