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In Anupamaa Written Update Episode 94 29th October 2020, we see that Anupamaa asks Pakhi if she can stay in her room for a few days, Anupamaa is confused to tell her family or not.

Anupamaa Written Update Ep 94 29th October 2020: Anupamaa decides to stay in Pakhi’s room

The episode starts with Vanraj receiving Kavya’s call. He says that he told her not to call him all the time. She replies that her stress level is increasing. She saw Anupamaa and asked him to meet him for some time. Vanraj says that he cannot meet, because of her foolishness that she informed Devika. Devika asks Anupamaa if she had a word with Vanraj and what he replied, and he came up with a fake story or blackmailed Anupamaa. Davika asks Anupamaa if she will inform the family about it or not, Anupamaa replies that she is confused, what to do either suffer alone or mourn with family. Pakhi arrives and asks Anupamaa if she is fine and whether she needs some coffee. Anupamaa asks if she can stay in her room for some time, Pakhi replies that she doesn’t have to take permission. Pakhi asks Anupamaa that after spending 25 years in her room, can she stay away from Papa. Anupamaa replies that she will learn it slowly.

Pakhi asks Vanraj if he and her mother fought. Bapu Ji says that the decision is big, so the reason will also be big; Vanraj asks Pakhi to take care of Anupamaa and make her feel comfortable. Anupamaa starts cleaning things when she sees Vanraj. Bapu Ji asks her why she is cleaning things when she has to take rest. Baa asks Anupamaa where her Mangalsutra is resting instead of her and asks her to wear it. Anupamaa wears the old Mangalsutra and informs Baa that the new Mangalsutra’s link is weak.

Precap: Samar tells Vanraj that his mother is selfless and that his father is shameless. Samar also says that he will return the pain he caused to his mother.

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