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In Anupamaa Written Update Season01 Episode 94 31st October 2020, we see that Samar is trying to cheer up his mother and make her forget the past. Anupamaa spends a day out with Devika.

Anupamaa Written Update S01 Ep 94 31st October 2020: Anupama spends a day out

The episode starts with Samar telling Anupamaa to forget everything that happened and move on. Anupamaa replies that if she wants to move then she has to leave a lot of things behind, but she cannot leave her family. Samar asks Anupamaa if she will ever forgive Vanraj, Anupamaa replies that mistakes are forgiven. Betrayal cannot be forgiven. Anupamaa thinks that she cannot inform Baa and Bapu Ji about all this as they will lose trust in their upbringing and also says that she cannot harm a full family for one person.

Anupamaa informs Baa that she is going out and will return home soon. Vanraj enters. Anupamaa tells Vanraj that she is going out with Devika. Vanraj asks Anupamaa who will be preparing food for Baa and Bapu Ji and who will take care of them, Anupamaa replies that he lost his right to ask, and leaves.

Anupamaa is enjoying ice-cream sitting in the park with Devika. After 20 minutes she asks Devika to drop her home. Vanraj stops Anupamaa at the door and tells her that she is flying high with Devika’s support and she forgot that she still has his Mangalsutra in her neck. Vanraj tells Anupamaa to return to her friend. Anupamaa asks him to open the door or, he will have to face a drama, which will ruin his reputation.

Precap: Nandini informs Anupamaa that she was hiding Vanraj and Kavya’s truth. And she was trying to stop Kavya when she heard that Vanraj and Kavya were getting married before her marriage.

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