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In Anupamaa Written Update Season 01 Episode 95 2nd November 2020, we see that Nandini apologizes to Anupamaa for hiding the truth of Kavya and Vanraj. She says that when she came to know Kavya and Vanraj were getting married before their marriage, she tried to stop them.

Anupamaa Written Update S01 Ep 95 2nd November 2020: Anupamaa meets Kavya

The episode starts with Vanraj meeting Kavya. Kavya gets happy and tells him that she missed him. Vanraj says that he was worried for her, so he came to meet her. Kavya tells him that Anupamaa is behaving weirdly, and asks him how she is. Vanraj exclaims that Anupamaa is not the one he knew for 20 years.
Meanwhile, at home Anupamaa serves dinner to Baa and Bapu Ji.

Vanraj thinks that he will threaten Anupamaa and get her back to normal, but she has changed completely. Nandini apologizes to Anupamaa for not informing her about Vanraj and Kavya. She also says that she informed Toshu when she found out that Vanraj and Kavya were planning to get married before their wedding and even tried to stop them. Anupamaa takes an auto and leaves. Anupamaa reaches near Kavya’s flat and asks watchman Kavya’s flat number. Vanraj says I love you to Kavya and is about to leave when he sees Anupamaa walking towards the flat. Vanraj runs and hides in the balcony.

Anupamaa rings the doorbell and Kavya opens the door. Anupamaa says that she was her friend and if any other person would have betrayed her, it wouldn’t have hurt her more as she was hurt when Kavya betrayed her. Kavya apologizes to Anupamaa and says that she and Vanraj love each other. Anupamaa says that she is here to speak and not to listen to Kavya.

Precap: Anupamaa asks Vanraj what if she had an affair with some other man like him. Vanraj scolds Anupamaa saying how dare she say like that. Anupamaa replies that she just told him whereas he is practically doing it.

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