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In Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update Episode1420 18th November 2020, we see that Angoori apologizes to Vibhuti and asks him to call his boss again. Angoori insults Vibhuti, as Tiwari pranked Angoori and asked her to insult Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update Ep 1420 18th November 2020: Vibhuti’s job in danger

The episode of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai starts with Angoori telling Ama Ji that she did whatever Ama Ji asked her to do. Ama Ji says that she had a bet with Pandit Rampal, he said that Angoori will not be able to do it. Ama Ji said that Angoori is her daughter and she will do it.

Angoori sees Vibhuti on the balcony, she apologizes to him. Vibhuti says that he is an unemployed characterless man, who came to her for help. Angoori says that she is already embarrassed for whatever she said, she asks him to get his boss tomorrow so that she can tell the boss how Vibhuti is.

Tiwari hears their conversation. Later, Vibhuti and Charitravan enter. Tiwari calls Angoori and talks to her as if he is Amaji, says that she is unwell and Pandit Ji said that Angoori has to insult people today also.

Vibhuti asks Angoori to tell him about it. Angoori again insults him and leaves. Charitravan asks Vibhuti if he has someone to ask, Vibhuti says that he has 3 boys.
Tiwari walks to the boys and gives them 2000 rupees each, and says that they have to insult Vibhuti.

Vibhuti comes to the boys and introduces his boss to them. They start insulting Vibhuti and say that Vibhuti paid them to talk good about him.
Angoori calls Ama Ji. She learns that Ama Ji did not call her in the afternoon. She assumes that it was Tiwari.

Angoori made Tiwari realise his mistake. They ask Vibhuti to call his boss.
David and Helen praise Vibhuti, Tiwari and Angoori do the same. Charitravan says that Vibhuti is a nice man, but he still rejects Vibhuti.

Precap: Angoori gets angry on Vibhuti as he was misbehaving with her.

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