Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai 1st November 2022 Written Updates S-01 Ep- 1931: Bhabhi Ji becomes a strict and cool Bouncer, while Tiwari Ji gets beaten up

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai 1st November 2022 Written Updates S-01 Ep- 1931: Bhabhi Ji Becomes A Strict And Cool Bouncer

Today’s Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai episode starts with Angoori Ji bringing back Doctor’s bag and giving it to him. While the Doctor asks which Dev Angoori is? The beautiful Angoori bhabhi replies that she is not any goddess. At the same time, Vibhuti Ji introduces Angoori Ji to Dr. Narang and says she is Angoori Tiwari, who lives in a nearby colony. The conversation continues, and Vibhuti also introduces himself as Angoori Ji padosi. The Doctor flirts with Angoori while innocent Angoori just thanks. While conversing, Angoori Ji bags a job as a Bouncer in Dr. Narang’s club.

Later after feeding Tiwari Ji, Angoori Ji goes for her job as a Bouncer and strictly treats everyone. She does not let anyone get inside the club without permission. In contrast, the bodyguard stays at the counter with Bhabhi for safety. Bhabhiji also punishes visitors by tying Rakhi on their wrists to officially make them brothers. At the same time, Tiwari Ji felt lonely at home and missed Angoori Ji. In contrast, at the club, Angoori Ji showers the boys with her dhakad punches as they are molesting the bar girl who was singing.

While Tiwari feels very sad as his wife is in the club working as Bouncer. Meanwhile, Vibhuti comes in and asks what happened. At the same time, Tiwari feels rage and shouts at him. Tiwari Ji also has a fight with Vibhuti along with Anita Bhabhi Ji. As the conversation continues, Vibhuti convinces Tiwari Ji that he is incapable of Angoori Ji. Tiwari Ji understands this. And to teach a lesson, Anita Bhabhi Ji calls master Ji. And the master beats up Tiwari Ji for his sins as a husband.

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