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In Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update Season2 28th October 2020 we see that Vibhuti goes to Tiwari's house and tell him that according to the report he is also David's son. Master Ji is in trouble.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update S2 28th October 2020: David is Vibhuti’s father

Angoori tells Tiwari about her dream that he is the son of Brian Lawa and not Juman Lal or Pandit Rampal. To that Tiwari replies that her dream makes no sense, and to stop dreaming about such things.

Helen prepares delicious food for David. Vibhu argues that they have no money and, spending on such food is not necessary. She says she has done so to impress David. She calls David for lunch. They all sit together to have food but when David starts talking about Tiwari, Vibhu gets angry and, all three start arguing. Tiwari rushes there with Amaji and takes David with him.

Later Vibhu and Helen devise a plan to get all the money from David. Vibhu suggests that they should use the same strategy that Helen used on Grandpa by putting sleeping pills in his milk and signing over his property on her name. Helen says that she has come up with a better idea.
David is in Tiwari’s balcony, Amaji walks up to him and asks him if he remembers anything. They share a tender moment and, David confesses that he loved her.

Boys at the tea stall are talking about their job. Vibhu approaches them and says that he will pay them 5 lakh if they get his work done, the boys agree.

Later we see kids troubling master by calling him, Papa. Master gets annoyed, frustrated and confused runs away.

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