In today’s episode of Divya Drishti we see Divya replace the spiked lassi made by Pishachini for the Shergill family members

Divya Drishti 14 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Divya replaces the Lassi

Today’s episode of 14 September 2019 Divya Drishti starts as we see Shergill family delighted seeing Divya Drishti but they jump from the terrace as instructed by Pishachini. As they jump Divya and Drishti push them back to where they jumped from using their powers. Seeing this Pishachini gets angry and starts interrogating the Shergill family members about the sisters.

The family members deny to tell Pishachini anything about Divya and Drishti. She starts warning and threatening them but she isn’t able able to continue as Rakshit comes to the spot. Mahima is panicking and terrified but Drishti calms her down.

Pishachini makes the spiked lasi for the family members. Divya, who was watching Pishachini and when she gets chance, changes the spiked lassi and also captures Raingini. After drinking the replaced lassi, the Shergill family members start laughing and burping aroung. This scene makes Pishachini more furious. While Divya and Drishti through the spiked lassi in the sink.

Pishachini finds Raingini and gets suspicious about Divya and Drishti trying to make her plan fail. She freezes the members of the family and gives them a 12 hour deadline to tell about the sisters or she will kill everyone.

Meanwhile, Drishti starts panicking about the growing age of the family members. She see Romi act weirdly and eat a modak. Both the sisters are shocked to see that Romi is becoming normal again after eating the modak. They feed modak to everyone in the family, but no one gets younger eating the modaks.

Here, Raingini tells Pishachini about the modak replacement she did. The sisters contact Chiranjeev who tells them to find out how PIshachini makes the lassi. The written update of 14 September 2019 Divya Drishti ends here.

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