The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starts with Ridhima cleaning the warning message. Some color goes in her eye. Vansh comes, he asks Ridhima to stand still and cleans her face. Vansh says Holi is long gone, why is Ridhima still playing Holi. Ridhima says someone is trying to play with her. Vansh applied color from Ridhima’s cheeks to his. Vansh says only lover plays such a game, who is playing with her. Ridhima worries. Vansh asks Ridhima if she is okay. Ridhima says yes.

Aryan sees a shadow and asks that person to come out by pointing a gun. Ishani comes out and asks Aryan to put the gun down. Ishani says she was searching for something and asks Aryan if he went to see the dead body. Aryan worries. Ishani asks Aryan why he killed Kiara. Aryan says he did not, Vansh asks Angre to get rid of the body but she stopped Angre and then Vansh thought about the autopsy. Ishani says if Aryan did not kill Kiara, then why is he worried about the autopsy. Ishani says she will tell everything to Vansh. Aryan asks Ishani to believe him and says he did not kill Kiara.

Later, Vansh shows an audio recording of Kaira asking for help. Vansh says Kiara was in danger and she called him. The doctor comes to check Kiara. She checks Kiara and says that she died due to peanut and milk. The doctor says she suspects that someone forced Kiara to drink the milk as the milk is all over her body. Vansh reads the report and finds out that Kiara died between 9-10 pm. Vansh thinks he got Kiara’s call at 11, how that can be possible.

Vansh starts investigating. He tries to find some clue. Ridhima also tries to find some clues that can lead her to Kiara’s murder. Ridhima sees some ash and thinks Kiara’s tattoo was burnt and the ash proves that the tattoo was burnt by a fire torch. Vansh also sees the ash and thinks he needs to check everything to find some lead.

Ridhima goes to Aryan’s room and starts searching. Ishani looks at her. Ridhima finds a candy stick. Ridhima thinks Kiara used to like candy sticks. Ishani worries. She recollects Aryan holding Kaira’s dead body and throwing her from the terrace.