In Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Written update 21st March 2020 episode Malishka gets eliminated in the elimination stunt. Rohit Shetty announces the week as an advantage week. Adaa and Karan have to face fear funda for losing the stunt.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Written Episode Update 21st March 2020: Malishka exits from the show

The episode begins with Rohit Shetty asking Tejasswi to select two contestants to perform the elimination stunt. She picks herself and Malishka. Malishka denies as but later Tejasswi convinces her and Malishka decides to give it a try. For the elimination stunt, the contestant is locked in a box with worms and mouses. The contestant has to open the handcuff with the keys. Finally, she will have to ring the bell with the help of a rod. Tejasswi and Malishka both complete it but as Tejasswi completes it before Malishka, Malishka gets eliminated.

Rohit Shetty declares that the week will be advantage week and they will get an advantage before every stunt. Before the second stunt, Dharmesh wins the advantage stunt where they had to drink juice with them being tied. Dharmesh’s advantage is that 30 seconds would be deducted from the total time taken to complete the stunt. For the second stunt, the contestants have to climb a heightened wooden platform and will go on another one and collect the flags on the way and finally jump from the last platform and take out the final flag. Adaa begins the stunt and completes it. Dharmesh completes it before Adaa and so she will face fear funda.

The advantage stunt before the third stunt is to transfer their given coloured water glasses from one place to another. Karan and Karishma do it and Karan wins the advantage. The third stunt starts where a contestant is locked in a huge glass container full of snakes and as the stunt starts, water starts filling the container. He/she will have to find the key and unlock him/herself. Karan and Karishma both complete the task successfully. Karishma wins the task as she took 3 seconds less than Karan and he gets fear funda.

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