The concept of acting on different platforms has certainly evolved over the years and with more and more opportunities coming in terms of new mediums, the competition too has increased to a different level. However come what may, the foundation and roots of acting which one can learn from doing theatre cannot be compared with anything else.

When it comes to India, Maharashtra is that one state which has given the country some amazing Marathi plays which have later either been adapted in other languages or have been made into films. So today, we tell you about 5 such popular Marathi plays which you must watch if you love theatre –

Ti Phulraani – In this play, a Marathi language professor can be seen making an effort to bring about refinement in a simple flower-selling girl so that she can be easily accepted into higher society.

Lekure Udand Jhali – This play has a musical format that explores the situation of a childless couple and the psyche of adoption.

Mi Nathuram Godse Boltoy – Although the play remains extremely popular all over the country, it was reportedly banned for a long time since it tried to explain the rationale behind the killing of Mahatma Gandhi

To Mi Navhech – This is a famous play by the playwright P.K. Atre and is based on a real-life court case of a fugitive called Madhav Kazi, active from 1955-60 in the underworld circuit

Natasamrat – Natsamrat is considered to be the best play in the history of Marathi cinema for a long time. It has ruled the Marathi industry for more than 50 years. Natsamrat has received the Sahitya Akademi Award for its brilliant story.

So folks if you haven’t watched these already, watch them quickly after Covid-19 gets better in the country. For more updates, stay tuned to