Amit Bhadana has made himself established as a star on YouTube. He has a very entertaining and exciting channel. Here are some of his famous highlights.

Famous Dialogues from Amit Bhadana Videos


Amit Bhadana is a mainstream performing artist and YouTuber, who makes funny vines. He is active on many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and has more than 10 million followers. His first comedy vine was in 2016 and he has now touched 17.3M subscribers. This multi-talented artist is most loved by his fans for his hilarious videos in the local Gujarati language. And that’s what makes him stand out of the crowd that goes with English or Hindi.
But, his intelligence comes from the extremely unique dialogues that have made him famous in the eyes of the people. Here are some of our top picks.

1.Ye Chota Sa Lala
Yahi To Hai Tere Bhai Ka sala.

2. Dil Me Gaye Ho Chaa
Do Bache Karege Suresh or Mahesh
Kya Banna Chahogi Unki Ma.

3. Tera Bhai Bala Thave Hai
Toh Dharti Hill Jave Hai.

4. Chod Diye Woh Sare Dhande,
Jinke Anjam The Gande,
Ab Kuch Din Tak Ek Kaam Me Bitayenge,
Sardi Aane Par Hi Nayi Ladki Patayenge..

5. Jo Chiz Aap Kar Rahe Ho
Ya To Usko Bahut Ache Se Karo Ya Fir
Usko Touch Mat Karo Chahe Wo Koi Bhi Chiz Ho.

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