Find out why girls love Faisu

5 Honest Reasons Why Girls Love Faisu

Faisal Sheikh, aka Faisu, who believes, “The best thing is to do what they say you cannot do”, would be the undoubted adored human amongst the people! Well, the TikTok star seems to have a very adventurous personification, that would inspire the youth of the country!

It is yet undiscovered, why girls love him so much! So, here we are with top 5 honest reasons why girls go gaga over him!

1. His Style

Faisu’s authentic dressing sense and wind-swept hairstyle are what girls love about him! He looks perfect in his TikTok videos and knows aptly to give those timeless expressions in his chronicles!

2. His Humble Behaviour

It’s no secret be it a girl or a woman, they all are a fan of humble men or boys! And Faisu truly is humble and has an urge to connect with his fans!

3. His Struggle

Faisu’s struggle story is inspiring, it is amazing to look at a 21year old boy, who completely transformed himself from rag to rakish! Earning Rs 50 per day to owning a BMW.

4. His Darn Hot Body!

Well, it’s true that girls drool over hot body, it’s wonderous to dream of those grand biceps and chest! Faisu is a fitness freak, and that’s what girls are mad about! Because a hot body is all, what you need to show off, nowadays!

5. He is Versatile!

His versatility is viable in his music videos and TikTok chronicles. He doesn’t back out from playing different characters in his videos, he is hardworking and is an amazing actor!

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